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Relationship management

Managing Contacts & Groups

Support members with their user records, manage iMIS web logons, help users reset passwords, check for duplicate records, relate contacts to chapters, companies, or committees, create relationships, and view their recent activities.

Managing Membership

Collect dues, manage chapters and committees, manage acquisitions, run a membership drive campaign, report on membership data.

Providing Members Offerings

Manage membership referrals, manage lobbying efforts through legislative tracking, manage political contributions, provide online communities, and offer education and certification programs.

Business intelligence

Analyzing the business iconAnalyzing the Business

Analyzing performance, tracking iMIS demographics, viewing data relationships, and providing views on dimensions and measures.

Process button iconManaging processes

Creating an action plan, planning roles and responsibilities, and managing tasks.

Performing Advanced Queries

Perform queries with Intelligent Query Architect (IQA), create user defined tables, filter data, and run IQA reports.

Reporting iconReporting

Report essentials, IQA reports, export report data, run standard reports, select report options, Crystal Reports, and Reporting Services (SSRS).

Marketing & communications

Managing Communications iconManaging Communications

Create letters or address labels, define a Word merge, send email messages, generate marketing messages, create thank you receipts, synchronize contact information, and note recent communications.


Define marketing campaigns, appeals, solicitations, source codes, inserts, track responses, perform group segmentation, perform Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) analysis, and report on campaign progress and performance.

Managing Websites

Authoring website content, managing websites, implementing websites, and configuring behavior of Public view pages.


System architecture

Administering iMIS

Perform security administration, Desktop vs. Web access, system configuration, address verification, administer user records, use tools, design business objects, manage files used for output, import real estate data with NRDS, manage international taxation, and eliminate duplicate contact records.

Installing iMIS

Plan your architecture, check requirements, prepare for upgrade, installing application servers, installing WCM on web servers, and basic post-installation configuration.

Integrating iMIS

Integrate mailing address accuracy tools, set up credit card authorization, integrate the general ledger, and integrate iMIS with third-party applications such as Communicate, iEmail, Informz for iMIS, Spacemaster, TaskCentre, or Friendraising.

Interfaces & Database

Query the iMIS database, work with interfaces for credit card authorizations, perform database maintenance and repair, perform analysis with Analytics, verify addresses, and interface with general ledger tools.

Tailoring iMIS

Create a user-defined table, create a user-defined tab, modify reports, and manage security.


Accounting and Billing iconAccounting & Billing

Manage store transactions, offer refunds on orders or dues, process transactions at month's end, set up orders for the Public view, record payments, set fees for registrations, set up online donations, manage fundraising funds, report on finances.

Offering Education Services iconOffering Education Services

Create certification programs and requirements, enter registrations, and track status for registrations, manage instructor information, work with Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and report on progress through certification programs.

Managing Events & Programs

Create events, register attendees, transfer registrations, work with speaker evaluations, close an event to prevent registrations, print event tickets or name badges, solicit sponsors and recruit attendees, and report on events.

Managing Orders & Inventory

Enter orders, process orders, cancel orders, manage inventory, manage backorders, and manage warehouses.

Managing Publications

Manage subscriptions, solicit advertisers, define publication demographics, manage billing for periodicals.


Manage fundraising events, manage planned giving, collect donations online, solicit donations, communicate appreciation, manage tax reporting for donations, report on fundraising.


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